Saturday, January 6, 2018

Africa 1st

Second year journalism student and risk-taking entrepreneur Thothy Thokozani Dladla recently introduced his new brand of clothing, Africa 1st, to Rhodes University. Dladla describes this project as more than just a clothing line; it is a movement. Africa 1st targets the African youth who are keen on embracing and celebrating our continent. He uses the term ‘African’ here to describe all people who live in Africa, regardless of race.
The birth of Africa 1st came out of Dladla’s recognition that there is a gap in the market where African products are concerned. He acknowledges that “as Africans, we don’t have our own clothing label which is purely defined by the African continent. One that is made by and for Africans.” His new clothing line can be described as an authentic brand which celebrates Africa. He believes that we can embrace our continent by avoiding vanity in brands named after people, and instead wear a brand named after the continent to support and promote the African agenda.

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