Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sterkowski from Poland

  The Polish Beret Manufacturer Sterkowski was founded in 1924 by Anna Sterkowska and operated as a small business for the next 15 years until the outbreak of World War II. The war ruined Anna's business. That was, until Anna's son, Zygmunt, returned to Poland from captivity in Germany after the war. To his great luck he found a sewing machine in a ditch along the road, which was a real treasure in post-war devastated Warsaw. It allowed Zygmund to set up a small manufacturing business, which later turned into a factory. Through years of incessant work, with lots of ups and downs, the business continued to grow. All founding family members and employees have passed their master/apprenticeship papers for the Polish Craftmans Guild (Guilds still exist in Poland to this day). 
Sterkowski doesn't have it's own web site, but can be contacted by email: przemyslaw.kratochwil @


  1. Great, thanks for the information. Very interesting. I placed an order for a Trilby hat.

  2. Sterkowski website is created now. Check this