Wednesday, April 13, 2011

En Route...

No (written) posts over the next 32 days or so... A family trip to the Netherlands, for the first time since our emigration almost 10 years ago. A good enough excuse to temporarily stop blogging, I think, but as usual during my holidays: every day an interesting, funny, sexy, embarrassing or simply magnificent beret-related picture (like these two beautiful Russian photographs).
South Pacific Berets and South Pacific Cowboy remain "open" during my absence and I'll do my best to continue sending out orders by remote control. In the worst case scenario, orders after today may take 5 weeks till delivery...
Till mid-May, all the best to you all! 

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  1. Love these photos, the one above may have been taken with the "cult-ish" Diana camera, medium format produces a 6x6cm image which usually produced vignetting and an unpredictable image! The all plastic iconic camera had three aperture settings and the photographer has to gauge the shutter speed length. It produces some amazing images!