Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bernard Lubat

Bernard Lubat (1945) is a French jazz and contemporary classical music pianist, multi-instrumentalist and singer. In addition to piano and performing as a singer, Lubat also plays (electronic) drums, percussion instruments, accordion, synthesizer and vibraphone.
Lubat was born in a small town in the Gascon province near Bordeaux,  as the son of trumpeter Alban Lubaz, whom he accompanied from the age of 6 on accordion at dances.
He attended the conservatories in Bordeaux (from 1957) and Paris (1961 to 1963), from which he graduated with a first prize in percussion. 
Lubat has worked with an impressive number of musicians (Eddy Louis and Stan Getz, to name just two) and played a scala of instruments (guitar, bass, fog horn, vibraphone an more), reminding me of Tom Waits.
 In his hometown of Uzeste 1978 he founded a three-day music festival, incorporating jazz, tango, pasodobles and the traditional music of Gascony.

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