Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Iakob Nikoladze (იაკობ ნიკოლაძე)

Iakob Nikoladze (1876-1951) was a Georgian sculptor and artist. He is perhaps best known as the designer of the previous state flag of Georgia. The design resulted from a national flag-designing contest. This flag was abolished by the Soviet Union following the 1921 takeover of Georgia but was revived on November 14, 1990 by the Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia. It lost popularity thereafter as it became associated with the chaotic and violent period following Georgia's independence from the Soviet Union.
The Iakob Nikoladze House Museum is dedicated to his works and was established after his death in his home-studio in his native town of Kutaisi. The museum houses sculptures, sketches, photo and documentary materials.

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