Thursday, January 12, 2012


Yes, back in Wellington.Washed away at the East Cape by the tail of a tropical cyclone, but this also ensured a most relaxing holiday; playing games, reading books, no internet or cell phone cover and in between showers snorkeling and kayaking around the rocks of Lottin Point
And waiting at home the new stock from Argentina! A good restocking of familiar berets and also many new wares, like the boina Super Espinosa - an Espinosa of superior quality, with satin lining, headband and large embroidered label in 28cm diameter.
Also, more colours in the cotton boina Tolosa Tupida range and more Tolosa Tupida berets with headband: wool berets in black and maroon, cotton berets in sun-washed blue, red and black; Plato Grandes in cotton in sizes 59, 60 and 61.
Last, more choice in the smaller diameter berets: boina Espinosas in 24cm in black and red and more colours in the cotton Espinosa range. 
What I wore during these three weeks absence? Two berets: a Basco Roma when kayaking and otherwise my Basco Francia - ideal and most comfortable berets in humid, warm weather.

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