Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Marilyn Monroe (3) and Ché Guevara

More Marilyn Monroe... 
The Cuban Art Space of the Center for Cuban Studies opens an unusual exhibit on March 6 in Chelsea. The exhibit, “Contraparte,” consists of 20 paintings and installations (clothing) whose focus is Marilyn Monroe and Ché Guevara, icons of two very different societies.

There are seven diptychs, each of which show images of Marilyn and Ché, sometimes half hidden, one behind another. They play rhythmically against and with one another. 
The installations do likewise: Marilyn’s most famous outfits are recreated out of Cuban military uniforms; Ché’s military shirt is made of golden fabric. Red, white and blue berets with gold and silver stars are shaped into a Cuban flag; other, black, berets sit atop the dresses.

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