Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Holidays - Fini

At Franz Josef Glacier, with oldest daughter Marshida
Yes, the holidays are over and they were good, very good! 
Observing the Remarkables (mountains) in Queenstown, with 3 more Kolthoff's
3300 km's in 3 weeks time, travelling the full of New Zealand's South Island. Penguins, seals and sea-lions, rain-forest and the high mountains of the Southern Alps, vintage railways into the middle of nowhere and glaciers at sea level, temperatures anything between 3oC and 36oC.
The Taieri Gorge Railway, into Central Otago
For visual evidence, herewith some self-indulgent pictures. The beret for these weeks was principally the much appreciated all-climate  'Limited Edition', occasionally changed for a Tolosa Tupida
Looking for albatrosses, seals and sea-lions off the Dunedin Coast
But, what's new from the beret front? well, some extremely interesting news coming (soon, very soon) from French manufacturer Laulhere (previously Beatex) - the most innovative news in the beret world since 1876. More later...
And also, many more berets from Argentinean manufacturer Bonigor (Buenos Aires); Espinosas in an even larger variety of diameters and colours (Camel, Maroon, Aubergine, Brown) 
and two new additions to the Tolosa Tupida range: Camel and Loden. 


  1. Welcome back, Daan,

    do you alreadyknow my "LIZ with beret"? :-)
    It's a knew "pastel-drawing".
    LIZ is the elder, precocious sister of Bobbel Boy :-)

    You will be surprised
    (but don't show it to your wife - she could be jealous :-) )

    - Matthias

    3300 km's in 3 weeks time, travelling the full of New Zealand's South Island - wow - how wonderful!

  2. Hi, Daan!

    did you ever reveal the news re: Laulhere? I have searched here and can't find it.


    JJ (from Oregon-USA)

    1. Not yet, but will appear here within the next few days!