Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pieter (2)

My good Dutch friend Pieter has featured on The Beret Project before, but with his ever expanding collection of Bordeaux coloured berets, there is every reason for a Part II!
I know few people with such a dedication to both the beret and colour as Pieter; always seen in Bordeaux (maroon), always with a (good sized) Basque beret.  
Pieter reading a great Dutch novel
Pieter will be very much on my mind this Christmas, as I shall finally sample his bottle of 1984 Chateau Bonneau-Livran Haut Medoc, sent to me many months before and it has been patiently waiting in my improvised cellar till Christmas, in a few days time. 
Pieter joining forces with another kind of maroon beret
When not recording the history of his hometown Oss, Pieter collects old wines and describes them in parchment folios by quill. I was honoured by a long document written this way, accompanying my bottle:
 An old art, really, and great to see people still practising this (n this time of instant messaging and email)!
And this was the last "real post" for the year. I'm off to Waiheke Island, but South Pacific Berets remains open 24/7. All orders will be posted before 12 January, 2014!

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  1. This is really astonishing! Every day I look out for the new post on The Beret Project as usual. So I didn't expect to see figuring myself today. Perfect! I feel flattered.