Monday, July 7, 2014


Palombière is a form of hunting, specifically hunting wood pigeons, in the southwest of France. The wood pigeons are caught on their migratory way from northern Europe to the Iberian Peninsula. The annual “harvest” is about 800,000 animals.
It is a traditional form of hunting, mostly by men who eat and drink together in their dugouts. It has a great social importance in the country regions where this form of hunting is exercised. The pigeons are shot from there, but also lured and trapped with nets  by using a “leader” (ie, a captivated wood pigeon). The captive birds are processed into traditional French cuisine such as Salmis de Palombes.
Not a post you expect to be published by a practically life-long vegetarian, but the many berets worn by the hunters justify a post on The Beret Project.
Jean Barrère (on all the pictures shown here) was 'Champion de France 2009' and 'Champion du Monde 2011'.
What's more, you may well recognize Jean Barrère as the model on the cover of The Inspector Cluzo's CD Gasconna Rocks!

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