Thursday, March 5, 2015

Great News from Spain!

A massive shipment from Spain has just arrived!
Finally, the ‘Super Lujo’s’ in 244mm and 290mm are back in stock. But much better, some completely new models too!
The Boinas Exposición Soleil and Pirineos are Boinas Elósegui's berets with peak, similar to the French bérets casquette, yet distinctly different from their French brothers. The Exposición Soleil is a traditional beret with and added small peak, available in black and chocolate brown. The Exposición Soleil is a one-size model that easily stretches and adjusts to the individual wearer’s head size and shape.
The Exposición Pirineo is similar to the casquette; a true beret Basque with a peak pulled out under steam from the surplus material of the beret. A top quality beret (or boina) that is available in black and navy in two sizes (Mediana = size 55-58; Grande = 58-61).
Then there is the ‘Boina Elósegui Exposición Año 1858’, the follow-up of the ‘150 Años Edición Limitada’. The last was a limited edition indeed and is now out of production (there are a small number left in stock still, true collector items!), but Boinas Elósegui decided to bring out a similar beret in quality in an “unlimited edition”. All information can be found here.
The best thing of all, these berets are considerably cheaper!
Handmade by the oldest and only surviving Basque beret manufacturer in Tolosa (Gipuzkoa).

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