Monday, May 25, 2015


Yes, back from my grand trip across the world; loaded with information and all kinds of material relating to berets.
All news will be related here and on Fb soon, but let's begin with some really positive news: The Killing of Basques is Now Banned in Iceland!
The Icelandic district of Westfjords repealed a 400-year-old decree to kill any Basque caught in the area on sight. “The decision to do away with the decree was more symbolic than anything else,” said Westfjords district commissioner Jonas Gudmundsson. “We have laws, of course, and killing anyone– including Basques – is forbidden these days.”
The edict was issued in 1615 after a storm destroyed three Basque whaling vessels on an expedition in Iceland. Eighty members of the crew survived, said Gudmundsson, and were left stranded in the area. “They had nothing to eat, and there were accounts of them robbing people and farmers,” he said.
The commemorative event in Holmavik with Jónas Guðmundsson, Sherriff of the West fjords in Iceland
The brewing conflict between locals and the whalers prompted then-sheriff Ari Magnússon to draw up a decree that allowed Basques to be killed with impunity in the district. In the weeks that followed, more than 30 Basques were killed in raids led by the sheriff and local farmers. “It’s one of the darkest chapters of our history,” said Gudmundsson, noting that the incident known as the Slaying of the Spaniards ranks among the country’s bloodiest massacres.
Four centuries later, Gudmundsson decided it was time to set right the wrongs of history. Last month, at the unveiling of a memorial dedicated to the Basque whalers who were killed, he repealed the decree. “This decision was made 400 years ago and it has never formally been repealed until now.”


  1. Unfortunately, anti-Spanish racism is still alive and well to this day! There is an actual concerted effort by the English/Portuguese throughout cyber space to fan made-up anti-Spanish propaganda/rhetoric (Wikipedia, Facebook, Youtube and many other places). They are currently operating out of a building in a suburb of Lisbon, Portugal and the aliases are too many to list on here but some are Luzograal, mentalidade Logica, Forcadelta5, Pedro, Nathaniel angelus, historia Mc, Markitikki and many, many more!).

    Topics include that Columbus was not Spanish, Juan Sebastian El Cano was not the first to circumnavigate the earth, the first thanksgiving was not celebrated by Ponce De Leon in St. Agustine, Florida, and many, many, more! Alll of the above facts but the English/Portuguese propaganda machine says otherwise of course! The Portuguese are also claiming that a countryman of theirs named Fernando was the first man on the moon! And that Columbus was Portuguese, and many other warped information - i would laugh "if" it were funny but it's not.

    Doesn't anybody find it odd, though, that none of these liars are awaiting trial? Behind bars? Fined? Sanctioned? Arrested for spreading hate speech, false information and the like?

    It's interesting to see that Western society picks and chooses who to arrest and fine while those who write about anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-semitic (Israel) get fined, arrested, investigated by the FBI etc. Yet this well financed group of misfits sit comfortably behind a computer spreading anti-Spanish hate commentary throughout cyber space and not a single finger (UN, INTERPOL, Local Law Enforcement, FBI, CSIS, etc.) lays a single finger on their hair?? Tells you just how mentally warped this group is and how desperate the English/Portuguese are to keep the hate propaganda against Spain alive and well!

    The only sane advice i could give to anybody out there, especially the refined folks who regularly visit the Beret Project, is to simply report these hate oriented crimes to their local Law Enforcement, or Internet Service Provider. Hopefully, in this manner, we all can do our part to stop not just anti-Spanih racism, but all racism on this planet. By doing so, i would argue, the world would be a better place! What do you all think?

    Peace my fellow beret wearers and may goodness come to you and your families. I look forward to seeing your upcoming posts Daan. You have done so much for the beret and the Spanish people; i am very proud of you!

  2. We of course have to refuse all racist or chauvinist messages.
    Anyway, the present topic is about basque fishermen in the 17th century.
    The basque country was already divided between Spain and France, and not sure those basque fishermen were of spanish nationality.
    They even might be gascon-speaking fishermen...

    1. Excellent comment! Thanks very much, Tederic.