Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Reality Shields

I have mentioned the term 'Reality Shield' before, in relation to the beret. An apt description (thanks Michael) of how one can visualize the beret to work and yes, once you follow this simple concept, it actually does miracles. 
And if there ever was a time of need for reality shields, it may well be right now. Just today in my daily newspaper: the xenofobe populistic ramblings of Donald Trump;  an interview with the just released Guantanamo detainee Shaker Aamer (after 14 years in detention, endless solitary confinement and torture for being at the wrong place at the wrong time); the superficialness of the much celebrated top on climate change; intense cruelty on NZ dairy cows; etc. etc. 
One would really need to have the beret pulled over the ears and eyes. What sort of beret has the density and size to protect us? I foresee a bright future for the manufacturers of Tarte Alpins...

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