Monday, May 16, 2016

Kevin Courrier on Randy Newman

Ha, I was happily surprised to find that, when looking for a book on one of my favourite artists, Randy Newman, the author is a boinero too. 
Alas, I praise myself lucky to have read a few reviews on the book before actually clicking the 'Buy Now' button and, I am sorry to say, there are beret wearers who produce less than worthy work. Sad, but true... 
But, a boinero is a boinero and deserves a place here on The Beret Project (but maybe wait until a better book on Randy comes out...).


  1. Thank you for the inclusion on your webpage, as boineros should stick together. But speaking as one, I always thought that wearing one was an emblem of independent thinking. Which is why I'm disappointed that you judged my book without having read it - especially when the source of your decision is Amazon reviews that spent more time attacking me personally than taking up the arguments I raised about an artist that I equally love.

    1. You put me right, and I apologize. I shouldn't have published a post just based on reviews...
      In my defense, I can only say that (buying some 3 books a week), I do often get disappointed in what I purchase.
      What better to do than read your book and get back to it in a future post here?
      Best wishes fellow boinero,