Sunday, December 30, 2018

Gerhard Hertel

Gerhard Hertel (1924 - 2007) was a German tax official, local politician and local historian.
Although Hertel already showed a great interest in history during his school years, he started a commercial apprenticeship after finishing school, interrupted by him being drafted into the Wehrmacht and sent to Moldova in 1941. He did not return to his hometown until 1945 after the war. There he began to work at the tax office Freudenstadt, became a local politician and amateur historian.
Gerhard Hertel wrote several books as well as numerous essays and narratives, which mainly concerned the history of Freudenstadt. In the book 80 Years of Experiences, Views, Insights, published in 2006, he has succeeded in combining his autobiography with the history of the city, thereby completing his life's work.

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