Sunday, January 12, 2020

Controversial Boineros: Marco Kroon

Major Marinus Johannes "Marco" Kroon (1970) is a Dutch officer serving with the Korps Commandotroepen ("Commandos").
Kroon is one of only four living knights of the Military William Order and the first new member appointed to this very exclusive Dutch Order in over half a century. The Military William Order is the highest honour in the Netherlands, bestowed for "performing excellent acts of Bravery, Leadership and Loyalty in battle".
In January 2010, Kroon and his girlfriend were suspected of possession of drugs and of violating the gun law.
 In 2018 the public prosecutor (OM) started an investigation into an incident from 2007 in Afghanistan. Kroon stated that he had killed an enemy, who during an earlier secret operation, had captured him and had subjected him to brutal interrogations, mistreatment, rape and humiliation. When he coincidentally encountered the man again, the man reached for a firearm, upon which Kroon shot and killed the man. Kroon kept the incident to himself due to the secrecy of the operation.
On Carnival Sunday in Den Bosch, on 3 March 2019, an incident followed in which Marco Kroon was approached by police officers about peeing in public spaces. Kroon allegedly treated the officers on duty in a criminal manner and arrest followed. The Public Prosecution Service will prosecute Marco Kroon for this incident. One of the agents claims shock damage for seeing Kroon's penis. The judge referred the case to the multiple military chamber.
Because of the seriousness of these allegations, the Ministry of Defense has decided to suspend Major Kroon. That means that for the time being he is not allowed to do his work and may not wear his uniform, green beret included.


  1. I believe that his comments about what happened in Afghanistan were all lies to try to make him look good and he has been unbecoming for aan officer and should be kicked out of the service.

  2. Should have been kicked out of the military.