Monday, February 10, 2020

A Blessed Man

With as many birds as there are in the sky, it's supposedly rarer to be pooped on by one than it is to win the lottery. 
It's so rare to be pooped on by a bird that Turkish superstition states that good luck is to follow anyone who becomes a bird's target.
One such a lucky target is my good friend Frans from Belgium. While on his morning walk with his wife Stacy, they saw a flock of Canadian geese fly over. Following their flight, Frans noticed that from initially flying northwards, the flock changed course to the south, over their heads.
(American) Stacy mentioned the old belief that it would bring good fortune if one of them would leave a mark on them while flying over and Frans was well aware of this old belief too.
Only when returning home, Stacy looked up at Frans’ beret and noticed how lucky he was. A goose had left a long white mark of poo on his beret! He is a blessed man….
Thanks Frans & Stacy

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