Wednesday, September 1, 2021

You Are What You Paint

You Are What You Paint is all about creative freedom…FOR EVERYONE. Freedom from the fear-inducing voices inside our heads that convince us that we're not "real" artists, that we couldn't possibly paint pictures, because we've never studied art, because painting is for those other people, the ones who have the talent. How many millions of us deny ourselves the pleasure of creating pictures with paint, because we choose to believe these lies? THE TRUTH IS, we're all artists. If you create art, you're an artist. THE TRUTH IS, we all have something to say, and the ability to say it. When coming to this conclusion, back in 2007, I embarked on a painting adventure. Twenty four paintings later, I'm here to tell you that it's been an amazing ride. I've had so much fun that I felt compelled to share my journey with you. For the purposes of this book, it's important to understand that I've never taken an art class. As a result, I had no "technique" to temper my imagination, no rules to follow, no "right way" to paint. I believe this is key, because when you don't know "how" to paint, you paint purely by instinct, guided simply by what feels right to you. It's like being given a free pass to boundless artistic liberation. What I've also discovered is that in each of my paintings, my points of view, my sense of humor, my overall philosophy on life have all magically appeared, with no conscious intent on my part. It really is true, we are what we paint. So without further ado, I dedicate this book to you, and to your own fearlessly creative adventures that lie ahead.

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