Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Ma Zhongxin

Ma Zhongxin was born in Lanzhou, China, and grew up in Taiwan.

After meeting a traveller in his thirties, he started travelling in his imagination. From being a backpacker for the first time at the age of 39 and traveling around the world, simple travel has become his life and career, and always wearing his trademark beret.

Since then, in the simplest way, relying on his own feet, he has walked on steep mountains, deep jungles, and deserts of gravel. He even served as an expedition team member to explore Antarctica.

After seeing the most desolate and magnificent, and experiencing the most dangerous and solitary, Ma Zhongxin not only broadened his vision and mind, but also had a different understanding of life. He began to speak, write, and take pictures, recording ordinary people.

Ma Zhongxin, now 81, frequently gives lectures on his travels and photography at universities.

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