Saturday, January 6, 2024

Costică Acsinte #2

The first post I published on Costică Acsinte dates from August, 2014

Given the enormous treasure trove of (very early) beret photographs (and glass plates) by Costică Acsinte, a new post seems more than justified. 

Costică Acsinte (born Constantin Axinte) was a Romanian photographer.

He fought in WWI; despite he studied to be a pilot, he was an official war photographer until 15 June 1920. Soon after the war was over, he opened a studio — "Foto Splendid C. Acsinte" in Slobozia town.

Acsinte made about 5.000 film negatives on glass plates, a smaller number of sheet film negatives and an unknown number of photographic prints.

Given the number of berets in his photos, you'd think that all Romanians were boineros/as in those days...

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