Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bikes, Bikers and Berets

The beret is a big favourite among bikers, motorized and pedal powered.

Of course, there is the classic picture of the Frenchman on his bicycle, a baquette in the woven carrier basket and a beret on his head.
With the introduction of the bicycle helmet, this picture is rapidly disappearing. What a shame, as accidents with cyclists have a lot more to do with cars than the actual bicycle - but that's another story.

The beret also does very well among motorbikers.
It was the standard headgear for the Italian, British and French mechanics (no peak that gets in the way, black wool that doesn't show oil stains), but also the perfect hat for present day bikers, as it hardly takes up any space and easily folds into your pocket.
Journalist Clement Salvadori wrote about his beret for Rider Magazine.

The motorbikes: top left a Moto Guzzi V Twin 34, before the Milano-Napoli long distance race and right above Chzechoslovak Jawa's.

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