Thursday, July 30, 2009

Citroën SM

Car manufacturer Citroën is, like the beret, one of the great icons of France.

Sure, they may all be cliches: the baguette, the red wine, the beret-wearing-red-nosed peasant in his deux chevaux on a mountain track among the goats, but still, they are recognized by everyone as being typical French.

When it comes to French luxury icons, the Citroën SM is unquestionably at the very top of the line. Only 12.900 of these grand high performance coupé's have been produced in the early 1970's, now treasured by collectors all over the world. I have never had the pleasure to drive one; even though "growing up in Citroëns", it was merely deux chevaux and Ami 8's that we moved around in.

The only Citroën I ever owned, was an Acadyane - how much further can it be removed from the SM?

These days, what I can afford is a beret embroidered with the Australian SM Club

logo. Not French made, unfortunately, but a surprisingly comfortable beret to wear.

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