Saturday, October 31, 2009

Antiques for Sale

Some thirty years ago, when wearing my first ex-Marine Corps beret from an army surplus store, I couldn't have dreamed of one time owning well over a hundred berets. It is a bit crazy, I know and the worst thing is: the collection is still growing. I simply can't resist adding interesting berets to the collection.
It may be a good time to sell a few of these berets, create a little space on the walls of our shared bedroom (and keep the relationship with my partner a happy one).
These berets are a combination of acquisitions from other collectors, closed-down hat shops and the remains of the stock from a factory that went into receivership.

Time is not always kind to berets; leather headbands sometimes show cracks (some have cracked right through), some berets have been visited by moths or have got slightly damaged in other ways. I try to give as accurate description of the berets as possible - please have a good look at the accompanying picture and ask questions when you are not sure.

All prices include international air postage and handling!

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