Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Swasie Turner - an Inspirational Speaker

Since the traumatic loss of both his police career and his right leg due to an act of violence in the line of duty, which has left him confined to a wheelchair, Swasie then suffered the inconsolable loss of his beloved wife and childhood sweetheart Marjorie to the scourge of cancer.

Truly devastated by the death of his wife, Swasie decided to raise money to fight this indiscriminate killer amongst us. He has become a relentless, dedicated and totally obsessive crusader for this cause.

From the very start, against medical advice, he performed unbelievable feats of strength and stamina with his casterd, standard issue NHS Lomax wheelchair to raise funds for Cancer research.

Since his wheelchair confinement of nearly five years, he has successfully completed a vast amount of daring exploits, including jumping from 15,000 ft with members of the ‘Red Devils’, pushing 30 miles across Dartmoor in company with a group of Royal Marines when he completed the Commandos’ Endurance Course (for which he was awarded the coveted ‘Green Beret’). He and his chair have also ascended Ben Nevis with the Royal Marines and Firefighters from Fort Augustus and Merseyside. He has pushed across both of the Falkland Islands, from John O’Groats to Land’s End, competed in the Great North Run, and The London Marathon.For the Love of Marje: A Moving Story of Love, Loss and the Fight Against Cancer

On his latest expedition in April of 2003 Swasie successfully completed the 108 mile push through the infamous and inhospitable Death Valley in Nevada from Bad Water to Town’s Pass and was awarded the Key to the City of Las Vegas.

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