Friday, December 4, 2009

More New Stock from Tolosa - Plato Grandes!

The new stock from Tolosa arrived today; Fina's in 28 cm - the high quality economic alternative to the Exposicion Tupida and Super Lujo at $ 41.- (including international postage and handling),
but also the larger diameters of the Boinas Elósegui Exposicion Básica in 29 cm and Boinas Elósegui Exposicion Super Lujo, a serious "Plato Grande" in a generous 32 cm.
I have a very small number of 15" (34 cm) and 16" (36.5 cm) Txapelduns (not cheap due to the small number, but beautiful very large berets at resp. $ 47.50 and $ 49.-)- please drop me a line if interested.
Please have a look here.

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