Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Beret Project is Back!

That was great! Well over three weeks not having to think about what to write about berets for the next day's post...

Oh, I love doing this Beret Project and am still amazed by how many people follow it on a daily basis - it's fantastic, but at the same time, I get these headaches when thinking what on earth there is to write about berets that I haven't yet covered. Many thanks to those people who emailed me with suggestions!

This first day of the blog in 2010, I take it easy - just some berets at picturesque places in New Zealand (pictures of yours truly, shamelessly showing himself off in various locations and poses, all with the purpose in mind to show you what Tolosa Tupida's look like on a 'real head' - in Navy and Brown merino wool and the fantastic cotton T.T. in Burgundy).

Hope you have all enjoyed pleasant and peaceful holidays and a good start in the New Year. We'll stay in touch...


  1. LOL!!! I like the picture of you, wearing a red beret, in what appears to be some hotspring of some sort or another...simply priceless! You might consider sending that pic. as a Christmas card to all the members of the Australian Beret Association.

    YES, i missed the beret project! But the pneumonia i've had since the beginning of December has kept me company living in this unforsaken arctic environment. HOPEFULLY some day i will rid myself of the pneumonia & get the heck outta this place too. Who knows...maybe i'll head down to New Zealand and tend the sheep lol...

    Cheers mate :)

  2. Gidday Mate,
    Thanks for your friendly comments. Just, that water was NOT hot! Does my face give the impression of the rest of my body being overly relaxed in a hot mineral bath? Pretty Arctic, is what I'd call it - like the weather in Wellington this Summer...