Tuesday, January 19, 2010

South Pacific Berets - Stock Update

With the 3.5 week holidays closure behind us,
South Pacific Berets is very well stocked again.

Of course, the full range of Boinas Elósegui berets are available in black(Exposición Básica, Exposición Fina, Exposición Tupida and Exposición Super Lujo), some models in other colours (like the brown Fina and Navy Super Lujo) and also is there a choice in diameters for the Básica and Super Lujo models.

The range of the Argentinean made Boinas Bonigor has grown dramatically:
- Tolosa Tupida's in Black, Navy, Brown, Maroon, Red, Green and Gray. Fantastic berets with satin lining in a 30 cm / 12" diameter; soft 100% merino wool, easy to shape and suitable for all climates.

- The cotton range of the Tolosa Tupida grew with Tan, Maroon, Red and Green berets, all beautifully fine-knitted with satin lining in a generous 31 cm / 12.5" diameter. Great sun protection!

- Completely new is the cotton line of Espinosa's in 28 cm / 11". Similar to the cotton Tolosa Tupida's, but without lining and a more standard diameter. I have hardly worn anything else, this summer! Available in Black
(and a small stock of Green and Navy).

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