Thursday, February 25, 2010

Censorship on The Beret Project

A faithful follower of The Beret Project  questioned me on censorship of this site; he had posted a comment which wasn't published until I had approved it (moderated it, as calls it), a day or so later. 
Fair comment, but let me assure you: all relevant posts are published! 
It is amazing though how many comments don't get my Big Brother approval: from Latin American ladies wishing to have a naughty chat with the readers of this blog to racist comments directed to the President of the United States, via words of nationalist or ethnic supremacy and the advertising of quick money loans or lawyers looking for people to relieve their clients of a couple of million worth of $$ (interesting that last one, yes, but there may be a catch somewhere...).

Well, I have got nothing against Latin American ladies (some of them are among my best friends, actually) and it is a nice feeling to not having to worry about the politics of an American president for a change. 
I am not against money (or relieving the very rich from some of their assets to benefit less fortunate people), but altogether, I'm quite happy with what I have. 
What I mean to say is that I like to keep The Beret Project a Beret Project, really - a blog on everything beret - including politics, sex and money where it is relevant!

Comments welcome...


  1. Well Daan, now if you could please intensify this beret-and-sex-thing a wee bit, please? :)

  2. As long as people post things which have nothing to do with the beret discussion at hand, you will have to moderate the comments. It is all about keeping the blog on topic, not about censorship.