Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Beret and the U. S. of A.

My rough estimate is that only 3.8% of the pictures on The Beret Project originate in the United States, the same country where the vast majority of visitors of this blog come from, according to web stats 43.4% (not to mention most customers of South Pacific Berets). 
With such a discrepancy, there must be something wrong here...

I tried to correct this imbalance, but strangely, what I found are, apart from the occasional academic or artist, mostly pictures of berets, not the actual headgear worn on top of one's head, or, even worse, base ball caps with berets on it!  

Even more worrying: most of them openly claim not to be the wearers, but to be the proud mother or baby of a beret wearer! And, of course, it's mostly related to the military or anti-revolutionary. It is a fascinating country...

But, as always, I am happy to hear your suggestions!

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