Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Boinas Castilla, from the Fábrica Nacional de Somebreros!

It has taken me a long time, but yes, they are available now, the Boinas Castilla, from the Fábrica Nacional de Somebreros.

These berets are of superior quality; in 100% merino wool or cotton, with satin ling. Lighter in weight and density than their Spanish equivalent and ideal for summer and warm weather.

The cotton berets are 285 mm/11.2" in diameter, the merino wool berets a generous 300mm/11.8". 
I am very excited about these berets; have been wearing my navy cotton Castilla for the best part of our (Southern hemisphere) summer. Compared to the cotton Bonigor Tolosa Tupida, this beret is softer, less stiff and easier to shape. Whereas the TT is slightly more formal, this beret is more of a casual workers beret in the best Spanish tradition. 

Have a look at the factory's web site (click the link above) for a good picture of where these berets come from and what history is behind them. 

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  1. Thanks to Daan we can NOW wear Berets ALL year round!

    SO if you're in prison, have a listen & get yours today. If you are a father, a sister or a brother please don't bother to wear a cap because a Beret Basque is where it's at :)