Monday, August 30, 2010

La Columna

La Columna is a UK based re-enactment group commemorating and celebrating the international volunteers who went to fight alongside the Spanish people in their defence against Fascism during the Spanish Civil War. La Columna is a non-party political organisation but with strong sympathies for the Spanish Republican cause of the late 1930s.
Richard reading Spanish PaperThis member of La Columna is portraying a Brigader at rest, he is reading a copy of La Vanguardia one of many newspapers produced by the Republican side during the war. 

Ambulance driverMairi Ann looking rather demure dressed as a British volunteer Ambulance driver cum nurse who served alongside the more commonly remembered male volunteers of the International Brigades.

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  1. It seems something has gone wrong with the La Columna web site (and the pictures on this...). Apologies, I'll work on it