Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthdays, Vanity & Mere Appearances

Someone close to me (who I'll grant name suppression here), accused me of vanity when it comes to publishing pictures of myself on this blog. 
Following my Buddhist teachings, I know that the body is merely an appearance and so, of course, I can't care less about what I look like...
Proving the above, I even go as far as to publish the photograph above, on my birthday (yes, thank you; MAKE MY DAY AND BUY A BERET!today .

(Even though, I'd like to point out that the hair and beard -as above- have gone since the picture was taken)


  1. Well - Happy Birthday and best wishes to you from the other side if the earth (or just around the corner of your former home)!

    I like this photo above. Not beause of that ugly guy, but because of this wonderfol beret!

    Is it a Tupida Tolosa Algodon?


  2. It is (not an ugly guy, but a Tolosa Tupida Algodon in sunwashed green, with the Tasman Sea in the background).
    Thanks for the nice comments!