Friday, February 25, 2011


Sex sells, what's new? Wondering about the effect of this title, a few pictures that may be stimulating for visitor numbers, even though the beret is not the first thing that springs to mind maybe... 

It is quite amazing how often the combination of berets and sex comes up on a quick internet search...


  1. Whaou!!!Tres jolie,very very pretty.......the Renault 4L on the last picture,ça me rappelle ma jeunesse,I had the same(but in yellow)in the 80's.
    Thank's Daan for the nostalgy.
    Yes but the girls ???Les filles,quelles filles...???

  2. Nice comment, Didier and I sympathize with you - also having very fond memories of my R4, but... the car on the picture is NOT an R4, but a Mini Cooper... I'm sorry.

  3. I wear a beret all the time, especially when I'm on the hunt for someone to do me.
    I think they are very sexy and can make anyone look very horny.