Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beret Top 5

Okay, okay, I have been asked so many times about my favourite beret, that I'd better get public about it. The short of it is: I have no favourite beret!
There are a few, and depending on the weather and my mood, they change. This would be my Top-5-List, but the order is absolutely random.
- The Basco Roma, usually the anthracite-grey version. Great beret, easy to wear, always looks smart and extremely comfortable. And of course, I appreciate the rich tradition of this "popular workers beret". 
- The "Tarte". the grand beret of the Chasseurs Alpins. I especially like the military winter version, a very heavy (180 grams) thick felted beret in a dark navy-blue. Presently, I only stock the "nicer" dress version in black, but within another 2 weeks I should receive a small number of these winter berets (they are very hard to get as the French Ministry of Defense forbids sales outside the military). 
It is a stiff, heavy affair that just fits absolutely perfect, stays on in any storm (not taken lightly, when living in Wellington, NZ) and always attracts looks and comments (generally positive).
- The boina Tolosa Tupida Plato Grande: similar in style to the above mentioned Tarte, but lighter in both the merino wool and cotton versions. Great summer berets, providing protection from the sun for neck and face. Very comfortable.
- The headband-less Bakarra Excellence beret by Blancq-Olibet. Great everyday-wear beret, made on special order for South Pacific Berets. Interestingly, all the quality French berets are fitted with headbands (unlike the Spanish) and I had to negotiate with a reluctant manufacturer to have these models made. Top quality French berets, my beret du jour while writing this. 
- The Spanish Super Lujo's, of course. These are still at the very top end of quality berets. I wear the Super Lujo in the large 325cm version when going out - a beautiful dress beret that seems to be made for going to the theatre or a day at the races; around the house I wear the 242mm version. 

Did I say Top 5? I can't make any list without naming the Czech Radiovka; I honestly believe that no beret wearer should go without one! 

An age-old classic, simple, very small diameter beret with tartan lining- perfect in the house on a cool night or a nice summer's day when a tarte is a bit much. 

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