Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Stock from France!

Yes, the long awaited new stock from France has arrived (everything, apart from the military version of the Tarte, which should be in soon). That means:

- The brand new Béret Berrueta. A beret specifically made with the outdoors, hiking, mountaineering and hunting in mind. A loden (green) beret that is also the headgear of (the officers of) the Belgian elite mountain infantry regiment Chasseurs Ardennais (or "Hunters of the Ardennes). Hard to find, even in France and I honestly believe I am the only on-line outlet that sells these great berets. 
- Also new and therewith the new top of the line at South pacific Berets, the Super Foulard Sancho. I have been reluctant to stock these berets because of their high cost, but shall give it a go with 2 dozen - Blancq-Olibet's finest finishing, impermeable, grand berets in 10.5 pouce (291mm) diameter and for starters only available in brown. 
- Back in stock: the Grand Foulard PeBeO (until today, SPB's top model) and now available in sizes 57 - 60. A large beret, coming close to the Tarte of the Chasseurs Alpins with 11 pouce (302mm diameter).
- Similar news for the Bakarra Deluxe Excellence berets: available again in a larger range of sizes. 

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