Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Good news for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere: the new stock of cotton berets from Argentina has just come in! 
That means that all summer berets in cotton are in stock; 
'boinas Espinosa', 
'boinas Tolosa Tupida' and 
'boinas Tolosa Tupida Plato Grande'! 
Have a look here for more information and ordering.
And for those who find a cotton beret still too hot to bear, there are the linen DEER berets here!

1 comment:

  1. Summer... oh yeah :-)

    Hi Daan,

    I'm a little bit envious of this plashing guy with this cool red summer beret! :-)
    and Bobbel Boy ist bugging me, because he is keen on such a summer beret - but I told him, that he has to be patient, until I've sold some paintings or fineartprints... :-)
    - Matthias