Thursday, June 27, 2013

The DEER Summer Berets are on SPECIAL!

From 27 June on Special for a very limited time: the perfect Summer berets made by DEER, in wool and linen/cotton and at a price you'd struggle to beat in Japan!
Kongo-Shokai Ltd. is an old Japanese hat manufacturer, founded in 1928, making some of the most comfortable berets one can find: the DEER Basque Beret. These berets have a diameter of 250mm, are fitted with a soft, stretchable headband and the most beautiful satin lining found in any beret, carrying the embroidered DEER Berets label. These berets show excellent craftsmanship and eye for detail. 
Available in a limited number of colours in soft, light wool and the extremely cool linen version @ $ $59.50 and $ 61.00.

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