Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The new SPECIAL: Peaked Berets

Ah, the new SPECIAL, and quite special indeed: PEAKED BERETS!
Is there something like a peaked beret? Yes, but they are hard to find. Although many flat caps, newsboy caps, 6 and 8 panel caps are often mistakenly called 'beret', they are not. All these are made of at least two pieces of fabric, sewn together; a beret is made of one piece of knitted material, closed in a circular shape with the thread of the closure still sticking out at the center of the hat. A peaked beret is just that, with a peak added to it!
Peaked berets were made in France during the 1950's and '60's, but production has stopped since, until the release of the beautiful Casquettes by Laulhere - officially from September, 2013, but already available through South Pacific Berets.
Also, South Pacific Berets is proud to offer our own 100% pure wool in a one-size-fit-all, 250mm diameter model and the peaked berets made by Hoodlums, USA in 300mm diameter.
One of the more famous wearers of a peaked beret was the Dutch painter and COBRA co-founder Corneille; featuring on the picture below.
For a limited time only at well reduced prices:

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