Saturday, August 3, 2013

John Vink's Berets

Belgian photographer John Vink studied photography at the fine arts school of La Cambre in Brussels in 1968. He is a freelance journalist since 1971.
Like several photojournalists who came to maturity in the 80s, Vink became impatient with the apocalyptic stories published in magazines about the developing world. Instead of thinking of history in black-and-white terms, Vink reconceptualizes the coverage of other, foreign places, revealing that their cultures are already familiar to the viewer, because they're part of the total fabric of the world. The photographer, just another participant in the daily round, plays the important role of making introductions.

Morina, Albania. 30 May 1999 Kosovar refugees released after two weeks of detention in Mitrowice prison by the Serbs, collapsing just after having crossed the border.
 Ujguli, Republic of Georgia, 9 February, 2000 Dato Ratiani in the stable.
Kapikule, Turkey. 6 July, 1989. Bulgarian refugees. Improvised barber shop in transit camp.
Piornedo. (Asturias), Spain. 1987.

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