Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The New SPECIALS: Hybrids with External Headband

The principal difference between a Basque and a military beret is the absence of the txortena and the type of headband. Where Basque berets are either headband-less or have an internal headband, all military berets have an external headband, generally fitted with a drawstring to allow slight size adjustments. 
Not every beret enthusiast likes the look of military style berets, but do appreciate the different, comfortable fit of these berets. Luckily, there association, but are excellent compromises!. Not long ago, the German Baskenmuetze with external headband featured on this SPECIALS page - now two more berets in this style: the Czech made Service Star and the Argentinian boina Tolosa.
Now for a limited period at a discounted price
The Service Star is a kind of hybrid beret; the size of a large diameter Basque beret in 11.5", while having a military style rim with drawstring and three air vents on the side. The Service Star is an excellently finished beret with viscose lining. A seriously comfortable and pleasant beret to wear. 

Specially made for South Pacific Berets by Bonigor - Buenos Aires: 300mm diameter berets with external headband. Based on the boina Tolosa Tupida, with an added external headband with drawstring, making these berets slightly adjustable in size. These berets, or boinas, are fitted with the larger Tolosa label and of course have the txortena (or "wick") still in place. Perfect for people who like the feel and adjustbility of a military style beret, but prefer the look of Basque beret. 
For a limited period at a discounted price:

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