Thursday, February 5, 2015

The New Berets by Le Béret Français

Yes, they're in!! The new berets by Le Béret Français. 

Personally, I am most pleased with the eco-berets made of recycled materials - the ultimate summer beret! Now in a large range of colours. 

Le Béret Français developed these fantastic Eco-berets out of recycled materials: wool, synthetics, cotton and silk. 

They named it the Béret de Printemps ("Spring Beret"), perfect summer and warm weather wear; super light and extremely soft to the touch (thanks to a high silk content). So light, you'd easily forget you're wearing a beret! 

I have to admit, when I first saw these berets, I had my doubts (too light, too soft, too little substance...). Now I'm hooked! After a few days of seriously warm weather, I can't think of anything better to wear than these berets. Highly recommended!
But also new are the Bérets Patriotand Irlande. Similar to the tri-couleur, the Patriot shows the colours of the French flag (or the British, US, Australian, NZ and many other countries for that matter), but on a more subtle grey base. Absolutely unique, in both the manufacturing process and appearance. Beautiful berets with a festive touch!

No red-white-blue for the Irish; they have their own three-colour beret.

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  1. Hi Daan, here I'm again - healthy and doing fine!:)
    I like these "eco-berets made of recycled materials - the ultimate summer beret!" very much! I'm going to save some money and surely will order one in Spring 2015 (I guess a blue one like you)! Please email me the costs before ! :)
    By the way, did you already realize that BOBBEL BOY has a girlfriend - Bobbeline?...hahahaha...
    Here they are - the "couple in love":
    - Matthias

    By the way, not only Bobbel Boy, I've been "thunderstruck" too: "She" lives in Southern California !!! (nice story !!!...hahahahaha... )