Thursday, February 5, 2015

Vegan Berets

The Israeli Defence Force introduces synthetic berets for vegans. 

Maj. Dimitri Romnatzov: "A few years ago we began receiving requests from some male and female soldiers saying that due to their vegan beliefs, they could not use a beret made with animal by-products."
The Israel Defense Forces now issues special synthetic berets for vegan soldiers.
"A vegan beret is a beret made of synthetic materials, none of which are animal products," head of the IDF's Clothing and Footwear unit" Maj. Dimitri Romnatzov said.
"The standard beret is made of 100 percent wool. In 2012 the army began providing black vegan-friendly berets, though starting in 2014 soldiers who declare themselves to be vegan will be able to receive green synthetic berets. Thus far a few hundred such berets have been issued.

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