Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Le Laboureur

Its the brand of clothing I love: good old fashioned workman's stuff; heavy corduroy pants, wool jackets and heavy duty canvas shirts.
Of course, the name Le Laboureur means the 'ploughman', which explains a lot about the clothing.
Hard to find, even in France, but there are a few shops that also sell over the internet. 


  1. Hi Daan,

    Speaking of high, quality clothing....do you recall those Cape Bergers you used to sell made of 100% wool from the Kashmir region of India? I was wondering if you will be providing us pheasants with those beautifully crafted garments soon??

    You are a quality, oriented man of good wool-based tastes so i thought that maybe you will bring back those wonderfully crafted Cape Bergers! Let us know because there is interest out there!!

    Javier de La Villa Sanchez

  2. Dear Javier,
    Thank you for your very kind words. The thing with these 'cape bergers' is, that they are expensive to make and really are sized. I have the patterns and the Indian woven wool and can easily have made custom orders for a cape.if any interest!