Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Grant Drumheller

Artist Grant Drumheller relates on his web site how he went para-sailing, pulled behind a speedboat, on his 21st birthday during a holiday in Mexico. The experience stayed with him and gave him a way of seeing groups of people in the randomness of large public spaces, such as piazzas, on beaches, in parks and in museums; wherever people tend to congregate.
Rainy Promenade
And it shows. Many of his beautiful paintings have a feel of space, seen by a distanced observer. But, the observer is not detached from the subjects; Drumheller’s paintings are very humane; intimate but not passionate; romantic at a distance.
Fourth of July

For those lucky to be living or travelling in MA, a new exhibition on Drumheller’s work opens August 29 at The Gallery at BarringtonCenter for the Arts in Wenham. 

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