Sunday, August 2, 2015

Greetings Card Artist with Beret

This is a greetings card studio in Islington. The model is Vanda Hudson. London Zoo have allowed the artists to borrow live animals to use as models. 
Description: L/S of Vanda in the studio. A man walks into shot - a quintessential artist, he wears a beret, an artist's smock and smokes a pipe. He walks over to Vanda and pulls her skirt up even shorter. The artist is King Gridley. Designer Davy Kaye is also mentioned. Over the shoulder shot of King at work. C/U of Vanda - she looks unreal, like a waxwork or someone in a Pierre et Gilles photograph. Camera pans for a better shot of the Tropical Macaw on Vanda's arm. L/S of King at work - pipe in mouth.

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