Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Beret Factory

Apart from the few remaining traditional Basque Beret manufacturers left in the world, there is a large number of "new" manufacturers, mainly located in China, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. 
Pre Shaped Beret with Leather Piping Unlined Sf Green
These companies focus principally on military berets; generally for the domestic (military) market and for the armed forces of countriues in Asia and the Middle East.
Berets with Leather Piping, Cotton Lined LEVENDER
One such company is 'The Beret Factory', based in Pannipitiya, Sri Lanka. 
They are a Registered Supplier for Ministry of Defense of Sri Lanka.. What always strikes me as odd, is how all these Asian companies use western, white models to show they're wares in brochures and on their web site...
Berets with Leather Piping, Cotton Lined WHITE

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  1. White-western is still considered as standard. Other models would be a risk for their business - I think they think so...
    That lets me think about accent in vocal advertising : in France and elsewhere, one accent is considered as standard, and therefore used by the speakers ; the other regional accents are avoided : they would give an inadequate connotation (they think so...).