Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Moore-McCormack Lines

The Moore-McCormack Lines was a series of companies operating as shipping lines, operated by the Moore-McCormack Company, founded in 1913 in New York CIty. It ceased trading on its buy-out in 1982. The founders were Albert V. Moore and Emmet J. McCormack.
From a small start with one ship, the SS Montara (intended to be a shipment of dynamite from Wilmington, Delaware to Rio de Janeiro in, Brazil; but, with the load not ready, the ship took coal from Norfolk, Virginia to Aroostook County, Maine before returning for the dynamite). The ship was the first US line ship into Brazil in 26 years, causing a sensation. It had been built in 1881, and was retired after this trip.
The company then acquired various small steamers, including a Great Lakes vessel renamed Mooremack, which were operated profitably during World War I. Additionally, chartered ships including passenger ships added to the South American runs, that by 1919 included Recife in Pernambuco, Bahia, Santos, Montevideo and Buenos Aires.
The USA's entry into World War II brought various opportunities for Mooremack, along with many of its ships being taken into US Navy service.
Mooremack was also involved in the Korean War. Notably, its cargo ship SS Meredith Victory rescued some 14,000 refugees from Hungnam in December 1950.
Interesting detail: Mooremack issued their own (French made) berets. 

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