Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Beret Jewelry

Last week I received a beautiful piece of jewelry, a handmade representation of the Beret Wizard (who, I have to admit it, resembles myself in certain ways).
The brooch is made in solid bronze, a heavy weight badge that does very well on my Aotearoa berets. 
The original design is by my friend Jean-Claude Pertuzé, graphic novelist and artist in many disciplines.
The brooch itself was made by Sophie Divett. Sophie is a young Wellington jeweller whose work I very much admire and I feel privileged that she was happy to take this project on. 
Sophie photographed the whole process, from the original wax cast to the polished end product.
If ever you are looking for a very special piece of (NZ) jewelry at an affordable price, please have a look at her web site - I can't recommend her enough!

For those interested; yes, this beret wizard brooch can be duplicated. Drop me a line if interested.

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  1. Beautiful! Custom-made jewelry is very special. This is a keepsake.