Saturday, April 30, 2016

Half Breed Prophet

From the University of Alberta Library:

Description: An image of an old Aboriginal (Metis?) man standing outside a teepee like structure. He wears a French beret style hat and has a long white beard. One hand holds a cane and the other is extended above his head. A non-Aboriginal man in western clothes is standing next to him observing his actions. There is a lake in the background.

On Back: "Series No. 135"
Postmark: Calgary, Alta., 1913-03-21
Postmark: Calgary Industrial Exhibition, Calgary, Alberta, Jun 30 1913 July 5

Physical description: 1 postcard : col. ; 14 x 9 cm.

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  1. Fascinating. Whatever could it mean? Since the word Prophet is capitalised, I wonder if he was held in esteem, maybe by his own people? I can only let my imagination run with this one.