Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Catalunya über alles!

The plot of “Catalunya über alles!” is made up of three stories with shared characters and a common location: an inner Catalonia village. The time is the present.
In the first story,
an ex-convict who has served a 19-year prison sentence for rape returns home to reintegrate into society. Through his eyes, we see the new reality in the village: the weekly market taken by immigrants, and a politician who rails against this new reality in his speeches. Soon, all the eyes and prejudices will be on him.
The second story is about a Sub-Saharan immigrant hit by the crisis. He needs a job, no matter which, so as to provide for his family. He finds his “opportunity” in a debt collection company, whose employees are dressed in the typical Catalan outfit, with barretina. His first assignment will be to chase a defaulting politician, the one who wants to kick immigrants out of the village.
In the third story, a wealthy family returns home earlier than planned, and catches an Albanian Kosovar burglar in it. The house owner and the criminal begin a fight that ends with the death of the burglar. The last shot is at point-blank range. From that moment, the businessman becomes the focus of a media circus: social avenger or murderer.

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